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"Tribute to Bucky Pizzarelli Japan Tour 2023" 開催中止のお知らせ。

Bucky Pizzarelli -san

今回、残念なお知らせをお伝えさせて頂く事となり大変心苦しいのですが、マーティン・ピザレリさんからの依頼により私が一年半に渡って準備を進め、今年5月末から6月初めにかけて国内の10会場にて開催を予定しておりましたマーティンさん[leader, bass]、ラリー・フラーさん[piano]、そして私とのトリオ(日程が合う会場ではでTOKUさん[vo & flh]の参加も検討中でした)による『トリビュート・トゥ・バッキー・ピザレリ』ジャパンツアーは、マーティンさんとラリーさんお二人の都合により誠に残念ながら開催の中止が決定いたしました。



"Tribute to Bucky Pizzarelli Japan Tour 2023" has been canceled.

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that the "Tribute to Bucky Pizzarelli" Japan Tour by the trio of Martin Pizzarelli-san[leader, bass], Larry Fuller-san[piano], and myself (plus TOKU-san[vo& fgh] was considering participating at a venue that would fit the schedule), which I had been preparing for a year and a half, at the request of Martin Pizzarelli-san, has been cancelled due to the personal circumstances of Martin-san and Larry-san.

I am very sorry that I have not been able to meet the expectations of those who have been looking forward to the concert, and of those who have supported us in various ways, such as sponsorships, cooperation in securing venues, and kindness in responding to my various requests for advice.

Although the tour has been canceled, my mourning for Bucky Pizzarelli-san, the great 7-string guitar player whom I admire, remains of course unchanged.
As for the Bucky-san's tribute concert, we would like to create a new opportunity in the future and invite domestic jazz musicians to hold it.

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